Motorcycle tour to Morocco: Touratech Malaga Adventure

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    In cooperation with Motos Garrido and Touratech Málaga, we have created a new experience by motorbike: Aven Touratech Marruecos. This is a motorbike trip through Morocco to enjoy, share and remember all life.

    A motorbike trip ON and OFF Road in the inner part of Morocco.

    A trip where you will feel adventurous, biker, passionate and free!

    A trip where you will feel in complete safety with our professional team, our logistics and our knowledge about Morocco.

    In this trip we stand out:

      • The route ON/OFF Road
      • The driving of KTM in the desert
      • The good environment
      • The attention of our guides
      • The support in the trip

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    Day 1: Tarifa  – Khemisset

    We will get on the first Ferry in Tarifa to arrive to Tanger soon. Once we have passed the frontier and have done the change of currency, we will start our trip by motorbike. Bordering Tanger around el Cabo de Espartel we will carry out our first stop to visit the beautiful Caves of Hercules. We will continue around the shore to Larache and afterwards we will change the direction towards Khemisset, where we will arrive at lunch time.

    We will stay in a hotel on the banks of a beautiful lake, where we will enjoy a good swim in the pool and a restful afternoon before having dinner.

    • Asphalt: 237
    • Track: 0

    viaje_aventura_touratech_marruecos_cabo_espartel  viaje_aventura_touratech_marruecos_grutas_hercules  viaje_aventura_touratech_marruecos_khemisset

    Day 2: Khemisset– Zaouia Ahanesal

    After the breakfast we will take our first track to go, later, through the mountain roads, between forests until we arrive to the amazing Ouzoud Waterfalls where we will have lunch.

    We will continue our route over an asphalted road through the Middle Atlas until we arrive to a lovely village where we will have dinner and spend the night in a nice and familiar Kasbah.

    A beautiful path to find out the interior of Morocco by Motorcycle.

    Kilometres: 439

    • Asphalt: 429
    • Track: 10

    viaje_aventura_touratech_marruecos_cascadas_ouzoud  viaje_aventura_touratech_marruecos_ait_mhammed  viaje_aventura_touratech_marruecos_ighid

    Day 3: Ahanesal – Imilchil

    After the breakfast, we will begin our route of the day. It is a path that usually takes place in tracks in the heart of Atlas. Outstanding landscapes are waiting for us. Having just left the Kasbah, where we would have stayed the night before, we will arrive to the majestic place of the Catedral de Rocas. Some thick stone walls of hundred metres that we will border. We will go on around the Gorges of  Assif Melloul River until we arrive to the asphalted road that will carry us to our destination: Imilchil.

    We will have dinner and stay in a small and familiar Kasbah in a spectacular place.

    A route where you will completely enjoy your Touratech Adventure in Morocco.

    Kilometres: 143

    • Asphalt: 76
    • Track: 67

    viaje_aventura_touratech_marruecos_cathedrale_rochers  viaje_aventura_touratech_marruecos_assif_meloul  viaje_aventura_touratech_marruecos_kasbah_adrar

    Day 4: Imilchil– Boulmane du Dades

    After the breakfast we will visit the lakes of Imilchil, which are famous because of the weddings that are celebrated there. Later, we will continue through almost all the Río Dadés, between track and asphalt until we arrive to the Dadès Gorges, known by the bikers because of his curves and his spectacular landscape.

    We will arrive to our destination in Boulmande du Dadès, where we will be able to enjoy a delicious lunch and a swim in the pool of a beautiful Kasbah.

    In the afternoon we will suggest you to make a hiking route through Dedos del Mono.

    We will spend the dinner and the night in Kasbah.

    Kilometres: 134

    • Asphalt: 91
    • Track: 43

    viaje_aventura_touratech_marruecos_lago_imilchil  viaje_aventura_touratech_marruecos_garganta_dades  viaje_aventura_touratech_marruecos_chez_pierre

    Day 5: Boulmane du Dades – Merzouga

    Today a “marathon route” is waiting for us to cross from the Anti Atlas to the desert of Erg Chebbi.

    After the breakfast, on the asphalt and tracks, we will go through the fantastic Jbel Sarhro to arrive to the Nekob Oasis, that will offer us incredible sceneries. We will continue going across the rural Morocco and through contrasting landscapes. Along the kilometres the environment will become more and more arid until we arrive to the desert of Merzouga, where we will turn up in the afternoon through the old tracks of Dakar.

    We will be able to enjoy the swimming pool and the beauty of the landscape that surrounds us.

    We will spend the dinner and the night in the Kasbah, at the base of the desert.

    The striking feature of the trip will be, undoubtedly, the unforgettable memory of your trip by motorbike through Morocco.

    Kilometres: 425

    • Asphalt: 301
    • Track: 124

    viaje_aventura_touratech_marruecos_jbel_sahro  viaje_aventura_touratech_marruecos_tazzarine  viaje_aventura_touratech_marruecos_rissani

    Day 6: Merzouga

    Slowly but surely we will get up to enjoy the excellent route with KTM 450 motorbikes with an  “native” expert driver who will be our guide for the different tracks and dunes of the area, but not without first having received a brief driving OFF-ROAD lesson.

    After this intense morning, we will have lunch in Merzouga and we will be able to enjoy a little while the swimming pool or the possibility of renting quad bikes or dune buggies.

    As the sun falls we will go to a Berber camp located in the heart of the desert Erg Chebbi where we will spend the night. We will enjoy a real Moroccan dinner in jaimas.

    We will spend the night in the camp which is completely equipped or under the light of the stars that we will have as a ceiling.

    A spectacular day of adventure and enjoyment of the desert that you will live in this Touratech Morocco Adventure.

    viaje_aventura_touratech_marruecos_ktm  viaje_aventura_touratech_marruecos_campamento  viaje_aventura_touratech_marruecos_merzouga

    Day 7: Merzouga – Midelt

    After enjoying an amazing sunrise in the desert, where the sun comes up behind the dunes, we will come back to the hotel to have breakfast, take a shower and begin our route of the day.

    We will take the tracks going around the wonderful Erg Chebbi desert until we arrive to Erfoud where we will have lunch.

    In asphalted roads we will continue across Oasis and the beautiful Ziz Gorges.

    We will go on across High Atlas until we arrive to Midelt, in the base of Jbel Ayachi.

    We will have dinner and spend the night in an enormous Kasbah with a swimming pool.

    A route full of contrasts to complete a on and off road trip in Morocco.

    Kilometres: 273

    • Asphalt: 213
    • Track: 60

    viaje_aventura_touratech_marruecos_kasbah_asmaa  viaje_aventura_touratech_marruecos_gorges_ziz  viaje_aventura_touratech_marruecos_errachidia

    Day 8: Midelt – Tarifa

    After the breakfast, we will take the asphalted roads early in the morning passing by the beautiful Puerto del Zad, Bosque de Cedros de Azrou where a colony of monkeys live there, Meknés, and we will arrive to Tanger in the afternoon in order to take the Ferry to Tánger. We will have lunch along the way. The arrival to Tarifa is expected to be at the end of the afternoon.

    Kilometres: 501

    • Asphalt: 501
    • Track: 0

    viaje_aventura_touratech_marruecos_monos  viaje_aventura_touratech_marruecos_col_du_zad  viaje_aventura_touratech_marruecos_tanger

  • viaje_moto_marruecos_touratech_campamento_desiertoOrganization during the trip

    Movement during the trip

    In this occasion the movements will be done in your own motorbike, excepting the indicated days “without motorbike” and across the asphalted roads and tracks. This is a road ON and OFF trip to Morocco by motorbike.


    All the breakfasts, lunches and dinners are included, excepting the one that are indicated in the section “Dates & Prices”. Moreover, the organization will take care of having cold drinks in the track routes.


    The accommodation will be done in high quality hotels and kasbah, if you wish so we can send you the chosen establishments.



    Along the trip, the participants will be able to leave their baggage in the organization’s vehicles during the track routes. The rest of the time, the participants should carry their baggage. The organization won’t be responsible for the possible incidents.


    The points of GPS navigation will be given for an easier driving in Morocco in advance.

    Human team

    During the motorbike trip to Morocco, a mechanic will accompany the group, apart from a motorbike guide, an assistance vehicle guide.


    During the Touratech Morocco Adventure, a motorbike guide will lead the way and two 4×4 ( one of them with a trailer) will be at the end the group.


    We recommend you to adapt the clothes to the season when you carry out the trip, however you will find a list as you can see below:

    – Quick-drying clothing

    – Polar clothing

    – Cap to protect you from the sun

    – Scarf to protect you from the wind

    – Rain gear

    – Swimsuit

    – Sports shoes

    – Toilet bag

    – Sun cream

    – First-aid kit

    In addition, we recommend you to carry a spare key of the motorbike.

    Health and formalities

    Physical shape:

    Travellers should have a good physical shape and be used to travelling by motorbike for several days.This trip is an Adventure by motorbike to Morocco, therefore the rhythm and the routes requires endurance.

    Passport, Visa, International Motor Insurance Card System and required documentation:

    The passport is required to travel to Morocco and it mustn’t expire in the previous six months to the planned date of the return. In that case, you must renew it before the trip. Europeans do not need a visa.

    The International Motor Insurance Card System to get in Morocco, in case you don’t have it or in case it is expired, customs service won’t allow the entrance of the motorbike in Morocco. The International Motor Insurance Card System is the international policy and it is normally facilitated with the ordinary policy.

    Vehicles should have ITV in force.

    The vehicle’s documentation should have the name of the person who is travelling with it. Sometimes there can be problems if it is not the same, but the Moroccan authorities can be suspicious and they avoid the entrance of vehicles that could be illegally sold in the country. In case the vehicle has the name of another owner, an authorisation and a photocopy of the ID card to legalize the authorisation will be necessary.


    One of the most important sources of income of the Alaouite country is the tourism, currently one of the government goals is to become a major tourist power, oriented to European people above all. This is why the tourist is going to be quite pampered by the authorities, who will look out his welfare. The same occurs with the trade and people in general.

    Nonetheless, it is not convenient to relax with the security measure that we usually take when we travel to any part of the world.

    Motorbikes will spend the night in enclosed areas, either in the hotel or under a security guard hired by the agency. It does not involve Ruta Cero Tours assuming any responsibilities in case any robbery is produced.


    It has to be taken into account that Morocco has a difference of 2 hours of time regarding the Peninsula.


    The official currency of Morocco is the Moroccan Dirham, whose change usually is 1€= 11 Dirham approximately.

    Automatic teller machines are very common in the cities, not the case of rural areas.

    We recommend you to take some Dirham before crossing the border in order not to lose much time when we cross it.


    Under no circumstances the organisation will be responsible for breakdowns or incidents during the trip. But at all times, it will be tried to look for a solution to solve the any problem rising during the trip. The mechanic will do  everything possible to resolve incidents in the vehicles.

    In case the possible breakdowns can’t be solved, the motorbike will be carried in the organisation’s vehicles and the drive will be able to keep doing the rest of the trip in a support vehicle.

  • viaje_moto_marruecos_touratech_precios


    From 3rd to 10th September 2016


    8 days/ 7 nights in Morocco

    Driver price: 1095€

    Limited places


    The price includes:

    – 7 nights in shared room in high quality hotels

    –  7 breakfasts, 7 lunches and 7 dinners

    –   Motorbike guide

    –  Support vehicle guide

    –  Mechanic

    – Liability insurance

    – Travel insurance

    – Rent and driving of KTM in the desert

    – Night in the desert

    – Round trip Ferry from Tarifa to Tánger

    –  Souvenir t-shirt


    The price doesn’t include:

    – The breakfast of the day 1

    – The lunch of the day 8

    – Drinks

    –  Fuel

    – Tolls

    – Particular expenses

    – Tips

    – The entrance to monuments



    –  Trip cancellation insurance

    – Accommodation in a double room for individual use (195€)

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